View-Master Wedding Invitations – An Interesting Way to Save the Date for Guests Jan 4th, 2016   [viewed 38 times]
Marriage ceremonies are made up of several small and big elements determining its overall success. These elements include dine, decoration, wedding costumes, venues and many others. Wedding cards also play significant role in the overall celebration, as these offers the first glimpse of your ceremony to guests. Wedding invitation cards have changed in their patterns, styles, and design according to time, cultural and traditions now. Bride and groom prefer to go with a unique and different kind of customized invitation these days over typical style traditional ones. Here we bring one of such trendy designs:
View-master invitations are what we will talk about here. These types of wedding invites are in trend these days, where a view-master is given to the guest containing some set of pictures, revealing all the important information about wedding. It is somewhat unique and different as it is quite interesting for the guests as well. Guest would be required to see through the view-master to know more about details embraced. Leaving behind the traditional ways of reading paper, this wedding invitation card offers a better and eye catching visual presentation.
Now coming to the pictures to include in view-master, it depends on your choices itself. It is your wish if you just want to reveal important dates, venues and event information to guest or wish to share your pictures with better half to the rest of world. This style of invitation card can be best way to introduce your better half with your important guests, relatives and friends. Many couples go for pre wedding shoot and select some best pictures from that shoot to be included in the invitation here.
There are several more ideas like this, which can be different from traditional style of wedding cards and trying this can let your wedding appear unique in eyes of your guests, making it memorable for more time. Try browsing some wedding blogs and helpful websites in order to get the ideas and apply those in your wedding.
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