Some Unique and Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas Nov 20th, 2015   [viewed 32 times]

Tying the knot is a very special moment for everyone, bringing a new turn to their life. Everyone desires to make it perfect and memorable for them and the invitees. There are many ways your wedding can become a hot potato in the city and one of those is to give your guests a unique, attractive and personalized wedding card. Beginning from the scrolls used in ancient time to latest modern design these days, invitations have always been significant for marriages. It offers the first glimpse of your big day to everyone whom you invited to, so the show begins here itself.

If you wish doing something different and unique, think different from traditional wedding stationary and try to make it useful. The simplest way to engrave your wedding date on your guest’s mind is to provide them with something which they use every day after customizing and personalizing that according to date of marriage. Here we bring some ideas:

  1. Mug with Stamped Wedding Date: Reminding guests about your big day every morning with a mug of coffee can be a great idea. Get your names or initials with date stamped on beautiful mugs. This can be unique yet useful way of making your day memorable.
  2. Date Embossed Handkerchief: Handkerchief is also one of the most used elements and having a presence there will also make your date memorable. As you wish to keep that permanent, it is better chose to emboss with quality.
  3. Set of Coasters: What about a set of coaster with your names and marriage date? It will be a very useful and attractive way to send wedding invitation. Further you can choose the color and design of coasters according to your wedding theme to give it a relevant look.
  4. Key-chain: You can also get some key-chain designed with your engraved names and other information including date. It is also one of the quite frequently used elements on the daily basis. The design and patter is up to you.
  5. Decorative Piece with Initials: Moving ahead with other useful things, what about a decorative piece placed in your guest’s living room and having your name over that? Isn’t it beautiful to have your name or initials on a piece which adds beauty to someone’s home? Choose a beautiful decorative piece and get it personalized to be used as wedding invitation.
  6. Personalized playing cards: Your wedding can be the topic to talk many times by this option. Personalize playing card by getting your pictures, name and date printed over.
  7. Mouse pad: What about a mouse pad showing your name and wedding details? You can also get some mouse pads customized with your details and even picture as well. It can be nice and quite useful replacement of traditional wedding card.
  8. Personalized Calendar: Calendar is also another significant item used every day, so why don’t you share different phases of your relationship in 12 different months besides inviting your guests. This type of wedding invitation can appear as the most unique and special as this will also contain pictures of different phases of your relationship other than wedding date and invitation matter.

Well, these were some unique, beautiful and creative ideas of inviting guests on your wedding day. There may be many more depending upon your creativity and imagination. As said above wedding card shows the first glimpse of your wedding and represents your overall ceremony, so think bit different to maintain excitement and make everything memorable.

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